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Architectural & Visualisations

Architectural Designs & Visualisations, enabling clients to interpret proposals/designs prior to Planning, Tendering and Construction

BONDS have taken the initiative to create a single point solution for our clients and via our business partner; Will Newland of Blue Lava Architecture, we’re able to provide both Design and Visual Animations. Working closely with our clients we will establish a Concept Design, for consideration and endorsement. In the event that further clarity is required, Visualisations will help to clearly communicate the following;

  • External appearance prior to planning.

  • Internal configuration prior to construction.

  • Specific Design features requiring client endorsement.


Advancing through Planning, Tendering and onto Construction, our close relationship with Blue Lava brings transparency and clarity to our delivery.


In the event that design has commenced, BONDS team will work alongside the incumbent consultants, bringing efficiency to their Services.


See our case studies for a greater insight into the services provided and challenges overcome.


Should you wish to find out more about this initiative and discover how it could benefit your organisation, please contact us via to arrange for your consultancy session, so that we can tailor a service to suit your needs.   

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