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Building Services Management

As residential properties become more ‘intelligent’, the demands upon the services installation grow. In light of which, BONDS Residential have taken the initiative to bring Services Management in house and via our Technical Services team, we support of our clients at every stage of the journey.   

Commencing with a strategic overview, our Technical Services representative will assess your requirements and aspirations, ensuring suitable provision has been made within the Design prior to Tender. 


Having determined the theoretical requirements, we need to consider the existing property and its ability to support the systems proposed. Commencing with a detailed survey of the property, BONDS Technical Services team will inspect your residence and produce a Report to convey their findings. 


To ensure robust Tender process, clarity on Requirements is essential. To address this issue, BONDS team will establish a Design Intent for the Services installations. The obligation to finalise the design transferring to the Contractor upon award. 


Prior to the commencement of works on site, BONDS will tailor their services to ensure an appropriate level of cover during live project delivery. 


As works near completion, Systems Commissioning and Witnessing becomes our key area of focus. As inappropriately installed / set up systems have the potential to lead to months / years of frustration, not to mention inefficiency and increased running costs.    


See our case studies for a greater insight into the services provided and challenges overcome.


Should you wish to find out more about this initiative and discover how it could benefit your organisation, please contact us via to arrange for your consultancy session, so that we can tailor a service to suit your needs.

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