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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re considering an extension / redevelopment of our residential property, how can BONDS support us?




  • Concerned that costs could escalate without your consent.


  • Not sure how to realise the potential in your property.



Solution via BONDS


  • We offer initial complementary advice, as to the potential your property contains.


  • Be it full Planning, or Permitted Development, our specialist team will work with you to understand your aspirations, to determine how they can be realised.


  • After initial assessment, BONDS will provide a clear proposal, setting out the steps to be taken and costs associated with each stage.


  • Bringing together our various Support Services, BONDS can offer a one stop shop for your project set up:

    • Visualisations of the proposed scheme (refer to case studies)

    • Architectural design

    • Structural Engineering

    • Principal Designer duties 


How do we avoid late procurement and fabrication, leading to delays on site?




  • Whilst the consultants design may well be in place and works have commenced on site, all too often delays to specialist contractor / suppler fabrication impacts upon progress. The reasons for which are numerous, however in the main it’s down to inefficiency in the process.



Solution via BONDS:


  • Programme linked Procurement Schedule that is realistic and back to back with market durations.


  • Robust package compilation, with detailed / clear scope of works avoiding misinterpretation and shortfall.


  • Procurement linked to the Construction Stage Information Release Schedule.


  • Robust management of subcontractor design / procurement programmes. 



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